“Believe”? We all know what believe is, it is derived from Belief meaning trust. Trust is a factor which is earned from others and which is within ourselves. We know that trust is within us but we have to enhance our that feature, we have to rise that feature with in us it is although a lengthy process but we have to do it.

How do you give a rise to that feature? When you are alone and you are going through struggles and feeling that there is no one to help you then there you go! Within yourself you gave a rise to the feature of believe. Because you know that either you have to do it or either you don’t have but when you trust in yourself then this things goes as “DO OR DIE”. That’s the way to have a complete faith in you.

I know that it is not easy but there is a saying:


How to completely believe in yourself:

When you are lonely:

You face many challenges in daily life and after seeing them we give up because we thing that these challenges are not meant for us and we cannot cross this obstacle. But here comes the factor of trust, we think we cannot do it but we can I once heard that:


Trust is our main factor and if we will not with believe ourselves we will never pass any obstacle or any challenge and also we’ll be left behind. We know that our enemies will try to block us and will distract us from our path but we don’t have to divert our mind we have to keep on focusing on our direct path and stay firm on it.

Pick Up Your Favorite Work:

I know that all these things don’t make you do the work or raise your trust in any way so you should concentrate on what you like to do? You know when I was little and whenever I was sad and suffering from depressions I try making drawings and they eventually come out great. Then I came to know that I also have the ability to do art and that I have a creative mind. some people don’t do things when they are alone or sad they just lock them in rooms and pretend that no one is there so firstly you don’t have to be sad just think like that what’s done is done prepare yourself for the future. When you are alone try getting rid of empty mind because we know that empty mind is a place of DEVIL so try something you love. We don’t know what we love or like to do but sometimes the things we can’t even imagine of are becomes a great creativity. So try the things which are good for you which you think will bring you happiness which you think will divert your empty mind and make you happy.

Hobbies are just a way to make yourself happy and they also help you to boost your self-esteem and to bring your faith towards you which is lost in the forest of darkness. And when we do creative things alone we don’t even know that what might be the results but most of the times the results are unexpected and sometimes the result is rather than just a mistake but a person learns from his/her own mistakes. So trust in yourself and be creative don’t care about the mistakes, mistakes are a part of success. Do what you like don’t think of the consequences.

Focus On Your Path:

You have to focus on what you want. Just keep on your track and try to switch the lines from right to wrong we know that there are two lines wrong and right but do not go towards the wrong line or you’ll eventually divert your mind and will slip from your target. I know that reaching towards target is not that easy but making you have to pass through it no matter how hard it is or you’ll stop at a point will be lost. There are enemies as well which will restrict you to reach towards your destiny but they are just a challenge which you have to pass any how or you’ll keep on fighting them and losing them but whenever you lose you stand up, you lose again stand up again, because losing is another way to win, losing is a part which strengthens you, and gives your trust a rise that rise will make you win anyhow no matter if anything or any obstacle comes in your path. Just focus at a point and go there don’t think that challenges will come I’ll not be able to pass or anything like it but if you have jumped into the water just go and look what’s under Neath it because you might not get a second chance.