In our daily lives we face many challenges of our personality and others as well, but from which we don’t have to run away or hide, but instead of it we have to face them and don’t worry about it we have to change the negativities into positivity’s.

Sometimes to change you and to pass from these ups and downs of life the only thing matters is an attitude of an individual. Another aspect which matters in an individual’s life is that whether he or she takes upon that matter upon himself / herself. They just have to focus on their ambitions and there goals. They just have to leave everyone on their respective purposes.

Some suggestions are made which are related to positivity, they includes motivation and energizing positive life.

Living a simple life:

One of the biggest stressors in the world is materialism and the race to grab and achieve success at any cost. To increase positivity in your as an important aspect is to remove all the features which doesn’t fix your life, however that part makes your life complete but changes your behaviour and irritates you, to discard that aspect from your life don’t listen on other’s advice, find out what makes you happy what habit can change that aspect?

If you think of what is on your mind what you’ll do to make yourself happy? Try believing on yourself that what your doing is the best option for you under the required conditions. Do take suggestions from one another but don’t trust and act upon it immediately. The materialistic tendencies are one of the biggest removers of happiness in our lives.

Eat healthy food:

By eating healthy foods which contains the certain vitamins and proteins which fulfil your all requirements of the body both mental and physical. If you are not fulfilling your all requirements of the body your body’s metabolism will slow down resulting in the rise of the negative aspects of your personality and as well as behaviour. Not feeding yourself well will make you lazy and you’ll be left behind in every working aspect relating to your life.

Eating healthy will fulfil your body requirements and which results to a happy and a prosperous life, you’ll be healthy present minded and you’ll even feel that you are one step ahead from a respective individual. All your negativities will be discarded form your personality if your fed well. But behavioural negativities and mental negativities  are risen from time to time if you don’t take a step to listen to yourself.

Engage yourself on physical activities:

Engaging yourself in physical activities will make your attitude fresh and your brain will be cleared for thinking. Performing various exercises to maintain your physical aspect of body will make your mind clear after all our brain needs some space to think that’s why by the way of doing physical activities your brain will be active and work properly.


Of-course I will not leave behind the most important aspect of every human being which is WATER. Feeding yourself also includes water intake but I want to discuss it as a separate to remind you that now-a-days water is being wasted and not taken in properly which results in many behavioural changes and also results in dehydration. Water is very important for our body, every individual has to stay hydrated because it will result in the taking care the metabolism of every individual’s body it will provide to remain in the state of mental alertness and joy this is what positive living is.


It develops a positive spiritual attitude towards living. It includes not just your body but also your spirit. Meditation is really good for keeping one’s mind positive and it also develops patience in an individual’s personality it also provides keeps you motivated and stress free. You can meditate by the ways of praying and meditative exercises such as YOGA or TAI-CHI.

Keep on trying:

Don’t lose your hope and never say that I CANT DO IT, because by saying that will concise your thinking and you’ll never be able to that stuff. So what if you have failed every person learns from fails, It doesn’t mean that you don’t have the capability to pass. From a person’s failures he learns that what step he took which led him / her to fail. So be positive think that you can pass and keep on trying and trying because we’ve all heard that quote that:

So don’t give up keep on trying and somehow you’ll get through it. Being positive will help you towards your travel from failure to success you’ll defeat failure and be successful the moment you switch sides from negative to positive.

Be Happy:

Every individual has some or maybe many problems to face but you don’t have to show is to every one by not smiling by letting everyone know that what lies inside you. Be happy even if you’re in problems or maybe you’re in deep, deep trouble just get pass through it with a smile. Share your happiness with someone maybe laughs with someone or watch a funny movie. Happy face or happiness makes your heart healthy and gives a rise to your positive feature from your personality.