You guys can call me a guy who loves travel. But why do I travel? Travelling is a fun in itself travelling is like meeting new people making new friends, visiting new places the places which are that much beautiful that we couldn’t have imagined before. My mother and father they also used to travel but they travel due to their jobs and their issues and meeting and all but I travel because it gives you the new environment, it gives you a new way to survive I don’t want to travel in a jungle but I’m saying that we get to know more about the environment around us.



Really! Why you should travel? I say why not, Travelling is like distributing fun. You want to know why I travel and how I know much about it because due to me parents work I used to travel here and there. It’s like we move city every month and every year a country. I have been to Hawaii, Australia, Jamaica, Bahamas, France, Italy; the list goes on. I have now moved 10 times in ten years and I am not planning on stopping. I have lived in Switzerland, England, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, British Columbia and even in Vietnam. Because of all of this travel, I feel like I have lived 10 lifetimes. Travelling is good it’s fun and exciting.

For fun:

I’ve been telling you that travelling is like experiencing new places and new environment. Like as we all know that some cities have 3 weathers and some have 5. Experiencing new places will make you know that how many new places are there to wonder around but if you sit at home and see it on T.V and think of it then it’s not going to work you have to think it over and over and explore more, keep on exploring.

Making New Friends:

Travelling is good for making new friends; Of course you are bored sitting at home and doing nothing why not exploring why not going out and making new friends? Some people are lazy and like sitting at home but really go out and explore because there is much more for you in this world that if you would have a glance at it you’ll gradually fall in love with nature’s beauty and nature’s beautiful people. Making new friends is an art an art that is not easily learned or feed into you but you have to be active and present minded it’s not like that friendship have rules but friendship does require activeness of an individual and effort of both. So go out there make new friends.

Experience new way of living:

You are bored sitting at home and doing nothing. You need to explore listen travel doesn’t mean shifting place to place but the basic meaning of Travelling is experience new places explore more and more like maybe a good place near you house or maybe a secret door behind your wall it could be anything it is not important to force your parents to move from city to city or country to country. You couldn’t have even knew that what was is under your bed maybe a secret passage so explore things around you first then go out first you have to be exploring that what you see maybe have some clue I remember my childhood I used to cartoon named BLUE’S CLUES and then I became exploring me and my brother played this game he planted clues and I used to search.

It doesn’t mean you have to irritate your parents but it means be exploring you should be more exploring like I have told you. When you start exploring you’ll be bored first but really you’ll enjoy and when you get old you’ll regret the times you’ve spend together someone once said to me;


I also remember I used to search for tooth fairies when I was little when I broke my tooth used to wake up all night and was curious to meet tooth fairy and I finally met her, she was the most amazing tooth fairy I’ve ever seen in my whole life, “MY MOTHER!”. The reason I was awake that I want to explore that when tooth fairy comes where she is going to take my tooth? But now I know that it goes into a bottle. So get up guys keep on exploring because: