When you look towards an elementary school you thought that I should have been in that school, but now seeing them you realized that what you have missed? The education you could have received in that school would be more knowledgeable for you because they also provide playground sessions for the geography subject, to get more acquainted with the culture, religion, and past.

So we should ask for ourselves that what is the best option for our child and how can other school or even parents can generate that kind of environment, So the lessons are given below which will guide you and your child the way towards excellence:

Stand up for your-selves:

The word Standing up doesn’t guide you towards to the meaning of that you disrespect your teachers/your parents or behave rudely to an individual:

What does it guide to you? It guides that you have to be active and have faith upon yourself, It guides to the meaning of being active and present minded, Due to this some of your friends will not like you much because you’ll think that their opinions are useless. So don’t worry you don’t want you friends to run away right? So listen to them that what are they guiding you towards to? Listen to everyone’s opinion consider them but do what’s right even if the opinion includes in that statement.


How to cope up:

People will guide you towards two ways right and wrong. It’s your decision what to choose the wrong will seem to be effective and enjoying but after sometime you’ll be blaming on yourself. So choose the right path it’ll be hurting you dropping you to the next step whenever you climb up.

You always can’t consider to be knocked down again and again so the school teaches you to recover your knocked down. If you ever fall down again fall down with dignity, grace and composure. You can also learn not to blame others for your mistake.

We’ve seen athletes whom do what they want but then suddenly their carrier is finished. Those people whom fall down and get up again fight with defeat and find there road towards victory. The ones who get up again are the ones whom people like those are the one whom people like. It is not necessary to fall down on purpose but if you do keep trying because there is much more left in you which only you and your parents can recognize not any other person can. A person once said:


Learning what happens outside and what can? :

In our time and age we are taught with-in the school no one was allowed to go out from school, Then when the school was over we come out and see watch the beauty of nature the peace and helpfulness between people. The thing we came to know that day was that there was much outside the school to learn why we are not allowed to go out? Then after some time we got out on a tour and learned many things. Sometimes we are not allowed to go out to be kept safe from the bad peoples and bad people’s environment they may endanger our lives that’s why we were not allowed but this thing came to our minds when we were around the adult age. So we learned that what our elder decide for us are the best options for us. But it’s not like that our school environment was not good so we want to get out? No! In fact out environment was good but we wished to see the world from an educative angle.